Quality Assurance systems ISO 9001 / TS 16949

QC/Technical Support

Effective in-process QC reduces defects and prevents defective items from passing to the next phase, thus saving time and ensuring quality.

Standards & Approvals

Surface finish: MIL-STD-413C, MIL-STD-105D, or to your specs
Compound properties: to your specs


We source materials from Dupont, Dow Corning, Nippon Zeon and Bayer-Polysar.

O-Ring inspection system Basler O3
Procedures/ Testing Details

Our quality control encompasses:

Incoming inspection Rheometer testing of batch compound mixing, dimension inspection of first molding and after oven curing 100% surface visual inspection

Final inspection

We also understand the importance of in-process QC in finding defect starting points. As such we require self-inspection of each process.