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Our Developments :

Best O Ring Manufacturer was founded in 1981 to design, develop and manufacture o rings. The company out with only two employees and monthly sales of USD $ 5,500. In the twenty years since then Chairman Hsiao Chiang-po has led the firm under the principles of "Quality First, Customer Satisfaction, On-time Delivery and Reasonable Prices." Step by step the company has gradually grown to have two factories, one in Taiwan and the other in Xiamen China, with close to 1300 employees altogether and annual sales of USD$ 24 million. These achievements reflect the dedication and hard work that we have given to improving the quality products.


  • (a) Various materials and hardness for o-ring customer's option, include FKM, Nitrile, EP, Silicone, Alfas, Polyurethane ,Neoprene etc.
  • (b) All O Rings are made according to international standard: ISO 3601, AS 568A, DIN 3771, JIS B2401.
  • (c) Mix material by ourselves.
  • (d) Mold making by ourselves.
  • (e) Excellent environment of manufacturing.

    O Ring:

    o ring
    Outside diameter (O.D.) is for reference only. Orings are specified by I.D. and cross section.

International standard

All o-rings are made according to international standard: ISO 3601, AS 568A, DIN 3771, JIS B2401. There arevarious materials and hardness for customer's option, include , FKM, Nitrile, EP, Silicone, ACM, Flour Silicone, Alfas, Polyurethane , Neoprene etc. We meet the highest industrial standards and requirements of our customers.

O Ring Use For :

An o ring is a loop of elastomer with a round (o-shaped) cross-section used as a mechanical seal or gasket. They are designed to be seated in a groove and compressed during assembly between two or more parts, creating a seal at the interface.

Theory and Design

O Ring mounting for an ultra-high vacuum application . Pressure distribution within the cross-section of the O Ring. The red lines are hard surfaces, which apply high pressure. The fluid in the seams has lower pressure. The soft O Ring bridges the pressure over the seams. Orings are one of the most common yet important elements of machine design. They are available in various metric and standard sizes. The UK standards sizes are known as BS Sizes and typically range from BS001 to BS932. The most common standard sizes in the US are controlled by SAE AS568. In general orings are specified by the inside diameter and the cross section diameter (thickness). The O Ring is one of the simplest, yet most engineered, precise, and useful seal designs ever developed.

Typical Applications

Successful o-ring joint design requires a rigid mechanical mounting that applies a predictable deformation to the o ring. This introduces a calculated mechanical stress at the o ring contacting surfaces. As long as the pressure of the fluid being contained does not exceed the contact stress of the o ring, leaking cannot occur.

High temperature applications

In some high temperature applications, it may need to be mounted in a tangentially compressed state to compensate for the Gow-Joule effect.

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