FKM/FPM FLUOROELASTOMERS Chemical name Abbreviation FKM

Physical properties

Fluorocarbons usually have good compression set resistance, low gas permeability, and resistance to ozone and sunlight. Over the last five decades, this remarkable combination of properties has prompted the use of FKM seals in a variety of demanding sectors. Though they were initially formulated for use in aerospace applications, FKM compounds are now widely used in the automotive, appliance, fluid power, and chemical processing industries.

  • Standard color :Black and Brown
  • Recommended for:
    • Petroleum, mineral, and vegetable oils
    • Silicone fluids
    • Aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene)
    • Chlorinated hydrocarbons
    • High vacuum
    • Ozone, weather, aging resistance
  • Not Recommended For
    • Hot water and steam
    • Auto and aircraft brake fluids
    • Amines
    • Aminess
    • Low molecular weight esters and ethers
Compound No. Hardness SPEC
KF0B6001 FKM60 M2HK607 A1-10 B38 EF31 EO78
KF0E6501 FKM65 M2HK607B38EF31EO78 Z:65+/-5
KF00710 FKM70 M2HK710 A1-10 B38 EF31 EO78
KF0B7001F FKM70 FDA M4HK710 A1-11 B38 EF31 EO78
KF1B7001 FKM70 Brown M2HK707 A1-10 B38 EF31 EO78
KF4B7002 FKM70 Green M2HK707 A1-10 B38 EF31 EO78 z:GREEN
V7501 FKM75 M4HK710 A1-11 B38 EF31 EO78 Z Z1:75+-5
KF00776 FKM75 M4HK710 A1-11 B38 EF31 EO78 Z1:75 +-5
KF10676 FKM75 Brown M2HK710 A1-10 B38 EO78 EF31 Z1:75+-5 Z2:BROWN
KF4B7502 FKM75 Green M2HK710 A1-10 B38 EO78 EF31 Z1:75+-5 Z2:GREEN
KF0B8002 FKM80 M4HK810 A1-11 B38 EF31 EO78
KF0B9002 FKM90 M2HK910 A1-10 B38 EF31 EO78
KF0B7506-DK FKM75 Black Bosch Spec: VS17455-GW
KF4B7505-DK FKM75 Green Bosch Spec: VS17455-GW