CR Chemical name POLYCHLOROPRENE Trade names Neoprene polychlorprene

Physical properties

This rubber has a generally good balance of mechanical properties and fatigue resistance second only to natural rubber, but with superior chemical, oil, and heat resistance. It is widely used in general engineering applications. It is less resistant than natural rubber to low temperature stiffening but can be compounded to give improved low temperature resistance. It has good ozone resistance. It is suitable for use with mineral oils and greases and dilute acids and alkalis, but is unsuitable in contact with fuels. It has generally poorer set and creep than natural rubber.

  • Standard color : Black
  • Recommended for:
    • High amiline point petrolem oils
    • Mild acids
    • Silicone oil & grease
    • Water
  • Not Recommended For
    • Hydrocarbons
    • Ketones
    • Phosphate ester fluids
    • Strong oxidizing acids
Compound No. Hardness SPEC
CR5001 CR50 M2BC510 A14 B14 EO14 EO34
CR0B5001L CR50 M2BC510 A14 B14 EO14 EO34 F19
CR0E6001 CR60 M2BC610 A14 B14 EO14 EO34
3BC710 A14 B14 EO14 EO34 F16